Özbey Hijyenic Products commenced production in 2001 with its headquarters in Eminönü, Istanbul and branch office in Karaman, aiming to bring together quality and consumers. Proceeding its investments with the machine park with the latest technology, Özbey Hijyenic Products provides its services over a production area of 70,000 square meters.

Operating on distributorship system throughout Turkey, Özbey Hijyenic Products has established the franchise system, exporting to Balkans, Easterns Europe, Turkic Republics, Near East Countries, Middle East Countries, West Africa and East Africa, Maghreb countries and South America countries for the past 14 years and bringing its products together with hundred of thousands of users. Having earned the trust and love of consumers, Özbey Hijyenic Products has been awarded twice with Consumer Quality Award with its Elbebek brand. With its full range of products holding ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certificates, the company places the consumer health above all values. Proceeding production in the light of its values and principles, Özbey Hijyenic Products continues to bring reliable, healthy and comfortable products together with the consumer by using the latest technologies.

As a robust, long-lasting and rooted company, we make technological investments for the future. We draw our strength from blending our experience from the past with the technology of the future. Our primary aim is to invest in and contribute to our country’s economy. We target increasing both our domestic and international investments. This target is also a significant indicator of our vision of being the regional leader in our sector.

As Özbey Hijyenic Products A.Ş, the secret to our success is:

adopting branding as principle, placing customer satisfaction above all values, investing in sustainable projects by closely following the technology, being reliable, working with social responsibility awareness.

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