1. Track your cycle
Don’t let your period creep up on you and catch you unawares when you’re out and about and unprepared.

2. Avoid waxing
Being on your period makes the whole vaginal area more sensitive, so waxing is likely to hurt a lot more. The same goes for epilating.

3.  Don’t overdo the caffeine
Linked to increasing levels of oestrogen, caffeine can make your PMS symptoms worse, so opt for green tea instead . Alcohol has the same affect as it lowers blood sugar.

4. Fight cramps with acupressure
Apparently, rubbing a small ‘O’ shape on the palm of your left hand just below the thumb knuckle can help ease cramps – perfect for a public place when you’re out of painkillers.

5. Organise yourself
Put your sanitary products into a small bag or tin in your handbag so they don’t fall around inside your bag.

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