Our Vision

The responsibility of ÖZBEY Hijyenic Products A.Ş. is to

ensure continuous improvement in terms of environment, society and economy at every location of operation throughout the world. Implementing programs in this direction and making Özbey Hijyenic Products an actually sustainable company by way of performing activities providing benefit to the society constitutes the framework of our vision.

Our Mission

As Özbey Hijyenic Products A.Ş. it is our duty of first priority to;

outlast by adding social values to our environment and making a mark with our brands, create moral and material values, ensure consumer satisfaction through asserting our works in the best possible way and maintain such satisfaction, manufacture environment-friendly high quality products in line with our quality policy, perpetuate improvement and growth with profitability, thus adding value to the lives of our entire staff, march always without downscaling our high objectives.


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