As we have started our journey in 2001, we aimed to break down the taboos that exist in society and fight health problems caused by unhygienic conditions in the world. We aimed to be a reliable source to lead hygienic products and a tireless defender for the health and equality of women and girls in the world. We want to send a loud and clear message that period is a natural process, as normal as eating or sleeping. And talking about menstruation should never be considered a taboo.

Hygiene has been our only priority in this road to ensure that our customers have a smooth and hassle free period. We have presented the MYLEYDI brand with the demands of our customers by protecting the environment with the commitment to ethical standards and the highest efficiency in the products we produce.

In addition to accessing safe and effective hygienic products for all women; We are committed to providing access to valuable and reliable information to educate and empower them. Therefore, we are working hard to deliver Myleydi to everyone and know well  that the menstrual period is a natural process and an important part of all human life, for this reason period should never be the reason for disrupt girl’s education.

Relying on the tremendous power of women, we run our business with pride, respect and sustainability.

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